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Pat Skar
09/05/2008, (n.a.)

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My heart almost stopped beating when I found your site! Woe it's been a lot of years. I have done searches before but with no luck until tonight. I remember "Pheasant Run" Pat's Pub, Evansville Indiana, Moline, Allgauers and the Bahamas. Quite a trick at this age! Hope you remember me! Your photos/music really brought back memories. I'll say hi for Gail, she's doing great! Hope you all are doing good and I'd love to hear from you soon. :smile: Take care .

Carrie Chamberlain
08/01/2008, (n.a.)

Post # 3

Hey you guys--I think of you often--I was a waitress at Bogeys Barn when you played there and those were the times of my life. You all were a very big part of it--but you never knew I existed as I was always too shy to speak to you. Just wanted you to know how much I admired you all and how much I loved your music. Could not wait to get off shift just to hear you play. Thanks for the awesome memories.

Glenn Darack
08-05-2023, 01:54 PM

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I was an Asst. Manager at Bogies Barn back in the day. Still in So. Florida, just not in the bar biz cool any longer

Mary T McCullagh
08-05-2023, 01:54 PM

Post # 1

Bogey's Barn Miami FL! Have I got tons of photos of you kids! I hope you vaguely remember your biggest fan at Bogey's!


Hi Mary!  We'd love to see those photos!- Connie wink

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