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Jolene Kruschke Kelley
01/02/2010, (n.a.)

Post # 14

How wonderful to find your website. I used to see Aureus in North Dakota & Minnesota. You were always one of my favorite groups - loved seeing the pics & videos. I was sorry to learn of Gary's and Mike's passing. Thank you again for the memories. God's Blessings on all of You

Sheri O
09/16/2009, (n.a.)

Post # 13

I found a couple of your 45's ((You don't know & Breakaway). Look like these were great memories and would hate for them to get tossed. If you would like to have them, just shoot me an address and I will drop them in the

Laura McKinley Hozak
09/06/2009, (n.a.)

Post # 12

Oh this brings back so many wonderful memories of Wells Fargo Lounge nights with my friends from the Milan Cinemas. We ran up there after work everytime Aureus was in town. Even went to a wedding in Spring Valley and ran up to Aurora after the reception, what a blast we had every time. It was never old, no matter how many times we saw you. Can any of this music be downloaded???

Tommy Rabatie
08/25/2009, (n.a.)

Post # 11

Just heard Bobby Caldwell's "What you won't do For Love" and remembered fondly the night he joined you at Bogey's.I was a young DJ there then.You guys actually learned my 1st yes First wedding song "Love look what you've done to me" and played for my bride to be and me after our rehearsal dinner in the restaurant.Thanks for all the memories. Miss hearing "point of no return" and Devil's a liar. Still crushing on Connie (you look great by the way)Glad to see you still have the video we shot at Cannel7.I did my 20 years there and now I sell Real Estate.Thanks Again.Hey remember the night the tornado came through killed all the lights?

Billy Whitman
06/22/2009, (n.a.)

Post # 10

Hey Connie! Billy Wah Wah here. I'm finally weighing in. Lets try to conjure up some thoughts from way back when.Aureus was an impressive band and a significant part of my life! Making life-long friends starting with Anz, and having the experience of a lifetime. Weren't we the highest paid band in Miami? Mark Ellman helped open up the guitar for me as he taught and encouraged me through the transition of joining the band. Man, we had fun and my only regret is that I didn't work harder. Getting to sing lead on the "You Don't Know" recording was neat. I got married during the Aureus years and you all played my wedding. How cool was that? Remember how many times I was late for a set 'cause I needed to beat the next level of Dig Dug, Galaga, and Ms. Pac Man? I wasted a lot of quarters! Remember "Brothers Two".the water glasses clinging and Schmitt hanging a spoon off his nose? You and I wearing stupid sunglasses on stage. I can go on but I'll leave room for someone else. Love to you, Ken, and your daughter. Keep the music comin' P.S. Monday, I just bought another hat.27 years after I gave mine to some girl I didn't know at the bar in Monty's. Ha Ha (It's black and looks really nice) Faith, Hope, and Love. Billy-6/22/09

Terry Appelbaum
06/08/2009, (n.a.)

Post # 9

Was wondering what ever happened to the band. Google is a wonderful vehicle to find friends from the past. Looking to find out what Gary and Pat have been up to. We all met in Cleveland Marriott way back when. Hope everyone is doing well and still enjoying the music.|

05/16/2009, (n.a.)

Post # 8

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, AUREUS!!!" Those were some of the best moments and lasting memories of my life. Every night was a P-A-R-T-Y @ Monty's in Kendall. Ahh, those incredible weekend jam sessions. You guys were AWESOME. I'm glad to have been a part of those great times. Thanks for the memories and the intro to "Chicago Live Band" - Aureus style. God bless you all. Rudy

05/13/2009, (n.a.)

Post # 7

A long time ago, I had just got out of the service. I went to a bar named Bogey's Barn and applied for a job a a DJ. The manager told me that I would be the 1st black DJ that they had but he gave me a shot. The band that was playing was called Aureus and to this day I cherish the fun that we had. When the band moved to Monty's on Kendall, so did I and the good times continued. I hope all of you are doing well. Drop me a line. JC

Troy Reed
10/31/2008, (n.a.)

Post # 6

I was a young snot nosed cop 19yrs old in Homestead and we use to come up to Bogey's Barn to play some raquetball and listen to you guys while "fishing" for trim and enjoying your tunes (circa 1982). I left and went to professional auto racing and now am a Asst. Principal for a school of bad kids in Cincinnati. All my buddies stayed. Every time I hear a Chicago tune I remember how much I loved your horn section. Do you guys still play? Can I buy any of your recorded music? Troy

David Franco
10/23/2008, (n.a.)

Post # 5

I'm Anzy's nephew. I remember visiting my uncle down in Miami when you were the houseband for a club, and during a rehearsal, you guys nailed a Madonna song on what I think was the first time you had played it. Great memories of that time.and glad to have my uncle back here in Chicago!

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