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Jeanette M. (Donohue) Wren
01-25-2024, 07:28 PM

Post # 34

I guess life took over too much. will you be on tour again soon. My hubby here in the quad cities plays tambourine artistically not the bang bang bang I have been looking for a Facebook page The Aureus My Facebook page is Jeanette M. Wren Come back to the Quad Cities!!!

Lauri Krakora
10-10-2023, 05:50 PM

Post # 33

Connie ,
On a whim , I googled Aureus and let out a shout when I found your site ! Three of us were full fledged groupies in the mid -70’s. We saw Aureus at many venues but I believe two of them were Pheasant Run and the Diplomat. There were others too but the names escape me. We loved listening to the group. Even went out for breakfast once with Don , Pat, and Mike. So sorry to hear of Mike’s passing. Such great memories ! You look and sound beautiful! Thank you for the walk down memory lane !
Lauri Krakora

Gregory Carlson
05/21/2015, (n.a.)

Post # 32

Spent many nights at Pat's Pub. Was a air traffic controller -until the- strike- but had friends and family many times to see these great musicians. I was almost a regular, as I called many times and said " I need a table up front". It was always a great time! Many friends from Chicago came out to Aurora -to Pats's to see them. Ahh-it was a good time.

John Govi
12/14/2014, (n.a.)

Post # 31

I have 3 reel to reel tapes of Aureus recorded back in the 70's. The recordings are about as professional as I've heard in a long time. I would like to know if Pat Connell wants them.

Bill Huber
11/02/2014, (n.a.)

Post # 30

I went to Bogey's "religiously" in the early 80's impressing many young ladies by taking them to hear your fantastic music-best band in Miami as far as I was concerned. I loved your rendition of Sweet Home Chicago, and of course "OK Chorale". Turns out years later I was friends with Billy Whitman, and we reminisced about fun and crazy times! Presently listening to the Goin' Up album. Sam the Be-pop Man my favorite on that album! Hope all are well years later. Miss you all! Peace, Love and Music. God Bless

Tracey Wolf Cook
05/09/2014, (n.a.)

Post # 29

Hey Connie! Hope all is well with you! thanks for putting this together - so fun to remember all those great times!|1399688213|

12/30/2013, (n.a.)

Post # 28

Remember listening to you at Wells Fargo Lounge in Moline, IL. Always enjoyed 'Point of No Return'. Wish you had a video of that one. Just out of college, first job and would go there with my friends from work to listen to you. Great band, good friends, good times, perfect nights. Thanks.

07/20/2013, (n.a.)

Post # 27

I thought you all were the best. Those shows at Bogey's Barn in the 80's were terrific. Thanks for the memories.

Jan Fisher
06/26/2013, (n.a.)

Post # 26

Do you ever plan on expanding this website to include the earlier times and members? Loved all of you, but first heard you in Davenport, Iowa in 1973-74 at the Blackhawk Hotel and later at the Wells Fargo Lounge in Moline. Saw you many times later and always enjoyed your performances. Just wondering about some of those earlier band members.


Hi Jan -Nice to hear from you! Don Jacobs sent some pictures from the early days. I posted them under Photos > Misc. Pictures from pre-1975. Enjoy!

08/03/2012, (n.a.)

Post # 25

I just learned of Mike's passing. I'm so sorry for all of you. Mike and Pat were some of the best people I've ever known. Please tell Pat my thoughts are with him and all of you. I remember the days at Monty's so foundly.

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